Version History

v. 1.7.2004      UPC - User Profile Central with updated USMT and XML's - "Chromium Edge" added
v. 10.23.2004 USMTGUI: 2004 USMT added.  "Chromium Edge" added. Azure migrations "Recent files history" bug fixed.

v. 1.7.1909      UPC - User Profile Central with updated USMT and XML's - "MigUser - migrate Profile only" added
v. 10.23.1909 USMTGUI: 1909 USMT added. Azure migrations O365 bug fixed.  "MigUser - migrate Profile only" added

v. 10.21.1903 USMTGUI: Azure migration functionallity added!

v. 1.6.1903      UPC - User Profile Central with updated USMT and XML's
v. 10.20.1903 USMTGUI: 1903 USMT added. Config.xml functionallity and advanced logging added. More detailed XML documentation
v. 10.19.1903 USMTGUI Offline: 1903 USMT added. Bitlocker enabled Boot Image.

v. 1.6.1809      UPC - User Profile Central with more flexibility built in regarding selectable XML's at restore. updated USMT and XML's
v. 10.18.1809 1809 USMT added. New improved and customizable xml files.

v. 1.6.1803      UPC - User Profile Central v.1.6 released
v. 10.18.1803 1803 USMT added. A complete new XML layout added along with improved and customizable xml files.

v. 1.5.1709      UPC - User Profile Central v.1.5 released with several stability improvemenets
v. 10.15.1709 1709 USMT added. A ton of inconsistencies fixed and xml files improved

v. 1.4.1706      UPC - User Profile Central first edition v.1.4 released

V. 10.12.1703 1703 USMT added. Inconsistencies fixed and xml files improved.

V. 10.9.1607 1607 USMT added. Finally Migrates Office 2016 settings.. A ton of inconsistencies and some bugs fixed.

USMTGUI going commercial (I have to, too much work hours without pay)

V. 10.8.1511
Custom.xml option (re)added to GUI on several requests

V. 10.8.1511 USMT 10 v. 1511 added. Firefox & Chrome settings migration

V. 10.7 Restore to other Domain and renaming Users upon restore.

V. 10.5 Proper Handling of Usernames with spaces. Local and Domain.

V. 10.4 - Better error handling
USMTGUI now always opens any relevant logfiles following a process error, to make error handling more transparent.

V. 10.3 - USMTGUI 10 now capable of running from a network share!
USMTGUI enhanced with better network functionality. USMTGUI will now detect if started from a network share and copy needed files to %temp% when loading.

V. 10.0 - Released the USMTGUI 10 version.
USMTGUI updated and enhanced so it covers Windows 10. By adding valid Manifest and USMT 10, USMTGUI is now capable of migrating from XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 and to/from Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

BE AWARE: Now using USMT 10, USMTGUI 10 CANNOT restore USMT GUI 5.xx backups!!

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